Galax, Virginia Land and Farms

Galax, Virginia land and farms are located in southwest Virginia, close to the state border. The city borders Carroll County to the northeast and Grayson County to the southwest and is right across the border from the city of Mount Airy, in North Carolina. This independent city gets its name from the Galax urceolata, an evergreen plant growing in the Blue Ridge Mountains which surround the city. This apt name is perfect to describe the lush, forested land and farms of Galax, Virginia, which provide beautiful natural views to the city’s properties. Opportunities in Galax range from estates, farmland, and acreages for both residential and commercial use, in all sizes and price ranges. Downtown Galax is mostly historical buildings, giving the city a classic look with modern amenities.
Galax is serviced by the Wired Road Authority, which provides affordable high-speed internet access to Galax, Virginia land and farms. Once a town built on furniture manufacturing, Galax’s economy has begun to turn to tourism in recent years. The city’s location in the Appalachian region has contributed to it becoming a center of traditional old-time music and the namesake for the Galax Dulcimer, a distinctive form of lap dulcimer and dulcimer music. Galax has hosted the annual Old Fiddler’s Convention, an old-time and bluegrass music festival, since 1934. When visitors don’t come for the arts and culture, they come for the natural environment. Galax calls itself the “gateway to the Blue Ridge Mountains” and its close proximity to the Blue Ridge Parkway, New River Trail State Park, and Crooked Creek Wildlife Management Area put accessible outdoor recreation right on Galax’s doorstep, offering opportunities for hiking, fishing, river rafting, and kayaking.


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