Northampton County Land and Farms

Northampton County land and farms are popular with investors, developers, homebuyers and sportsmen due to its location, natural resources and diverse opportunities. Located in the Coastal region, it is adjacent to Accomack County and the City of Virginia Beach. The 795-square-mile county is home to 11,735 residents. Bordered by both the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, the county attracts tourists, retirees, businesses and sportsmen. Farming, commercial fishing and catering to recreational hunters and fishers provides much of its economic base. Farmland encompasses 48,279 acres, and crops provide 71% of agricultural sales. Many farmers convert some of their fields into impoundments during waterfowl season to serve hunters. Both commercial and recreational fishing boost the economy by attracting visitors and by supplying markets with fresh seafood. Included in the top private employers are Ballard Fish and Oyster Co. Inc., Pacific Tomato Growers Ltd., LFC Agricultural Services Inc. and David’s Nursery. Attractions include Eastern Shore of Virginia National Wildlife Refuge, Cape Charles Lighthouse, Custis Tombs, Arlington Archeological Site, Bay Creek Resort and Golf Course and Chatham Vineyards and Winery. Northampton County Public Schools provides K-12 public education.


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