Our Podcast

Podcast: Don't Shoot Potential

Billy McOwen talks with Capt Bryan DeHart about the November rut in North Carolina and Virginia and what it means to take extra caution when selecting the right deer to harvest. If you are a land owner or part of a hunt club and want some great tips on how to help manage your herd during the rut you will not want to miss this podcast.

Podcast: The Buyer Experience

Billy McOwen talks with a recent buyer client, Mr Dan Cecil, on his experiences in purchasing a new property. Dan talks about the buying process being from out of state, taking part in a 1031exchange, his explorations of conservation easements and what it takes to enroll your new property in the CREP program. If you are from out of the area, and looking to make a land purchase here in NC and want to hear a true story on what the buyers experience with Mossy Oak Properties is all about, you will